Available formats of the cervical pathological TUTORIAL

I Invitational Format

The inviter from any country (National Professional Association, Scientific Association, Institute, Hospital, etc.) will request that the rapporteurs present the professional material. In this format, the invitor organizes the program and (selects) the invitees and participants.

Suggested Programs:

In order to increase effectiveness, the participant will see the same abnormality 4 times:

  1. Introduction of the abnormality, participant
    takes notes on theories/thoughts
  2. The same cases are shown again, with detailed
    delineation and differential diagnostics
  3. Participants take an examination on the shown cases
  4. Participants can access the cases seen from
    the TUTORIAL atlas at any time

II Local Organization Format

The event is organized by the authors and the publisher. Please contact us via the accessibilities to agree the details.


21. Mai 2008. Budapest, Hungary.
Please check „Scientific Programs” topic for details: